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OK, so now you’ve got human hair wet look weave, bonding or plaits..............
what’s next?

What’s next, is good aftercare so that you can continue to enjoy your new hairstyle for as long as possible. Follow the following regime and you will prolong the life of your weave and enjoy it to the full.

  • Never use a brush on the hair when it is dry unless about to wash it. If you need to tidy it, use your fingers or a large toothed comb.
  • At night, section the hair into two and loose plait or if you prefer into a single plait. This will help prevent the hair becoming tangled overnight.
  • Never, ever go to bed with the hair loose as this will cause you problems.
  • Don’t swim in sea water or a pool with your extensions as this can cause the hair to tangle. If you really must swim, then be sure to completely enclose the hair and keep it dry.
  • Allow 10-14 days before giving your hair it’s first wash. Always brush hair thoroughly prior to washing it.
  • To wash wet look hair, brush it well and keep it in two plaits then wet the hair. Don’t tip the hair upside down but rather stand in a shower or sit in a bath. Spray a good shampoo on to the hair or mix shampoo with water and apply. Squeeze hair from roots to ends, don’t roughen the hair as this may lead to tangling. Repeat until hair is clean. Rinse with lots of clean water.
  • Apply a good conditioner to the hair and work it in, again by squeezing. Unplait the hair and brush well. Rinse out the conditioner and apply Fantasia IC Frizz Buster to the hair and brush well. (Note: This is the only time you should brush the hair.....just before washing, during washing or when the hair is still damp.)
  • Don’t rub the hair but wrap with a towel to take the excess water.
  • For best results, allow the hair to dry naturally.
  • Don’t apply greases as they cause tangling.
  • Don’t apply braid spray to the hair, only to the scalp if there is a need.
  • Don’t massage the hair (wet or dry) in an upward or circular motion.
  • Don’t rub towel in hair or roughen hair when drying.
  • Do enjoy your hair!
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